Friday, April 27, 2012

Malta Digital Games Forum 2012

Minister of Finance, Malta by mimmi
Minister of Finance, Malta, a photo by mimmi on Flickr.
The government of Malta launched a strategy for digital games today. It felt amazing to be present when first the prime minister of Malta, and then the minister of Finance, declared that they will put substantial effort into helping a budding games industry to grow. This really is the place to be.


Rikard Jaksch said...

Wow, this is really awesome news.
Didn't find that much information about studios on Malta though. Any information on whats out there?

mirjam eladhari said...

Currently TRC is getting established. They are about to recruit quite a lot of people, especially students from the University of Malta. We will also establish a trainee program together. Here is more, from TRC:

I can ask around if there is a compiled list somewhere of game companies on Malta

Nick Porsche said...

There are several active companies, or studios in founding.

Here is a brief list:

TRC Family Entertainment - MMO - active
AV Technologies - Mobile Games - active
Bigpoint Intl. - QA and Licensing - active

Plus several studios in Founding,such as my own: Rocksolid Games Ltd

Just check out IGDA Malta Facebook or contact me directly.

Best, Nick

mirjam eladhari said...

Awesome Nick, thank you!

Pancho Vanhees said...
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mirjam eladhari said...
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mirjam eladhari said...
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