Monday, March 19, 2007

Visiting Scholar at Tokyo Tech

I spent the autumn of 2006 in Tokyo, as a visiting scholar at professor Nakajima’s lab at Tokyo Institute of Technology. It was made possible by the Sweden Japan Foundation, who awarded me a scholarship that covered the extra cost for the visiting period.
It was a fantastic to get the chance to switch environments like this – to be able to stay long enough to get the feel of how it is to have an every day life in Japan. I have summarized what it was like working in the lab and living in Tokyo in this document. I also give a few practical tips that I think can be of use for others who will get the chance to go away as a visiting scholar to Japan.

Overview of the summary:
At campus
In the lab
Being in Tokyo
Getting to know Japanese culture
How to behave
Memorable events
Tokyo Game Show
The lab’s off-site to the Kinugawa hot spring
A visit to Namco Bandai
Practical tips
Cell phone
How to get around
Applying for scholarships – practical tips.


gnarf said...

Hej Mirjam!
Bra dokument du har sammanställt. Jag åker nog till Japan i höst så det är alltid kul att läsa om någon annans erfarenheter. Är du tillbaka på HGO nu? Ha de!

Mirjam Palosaari-Eladhari said...

Kul att dokumentet var till nytta! Jodå, jag är tillbaka på HGO - mysigt :)
Jättestort lycka till med japan-resan!