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Thursday, December 16, 2004

Semantic Networks for Game Character Control

I just finished preparing a lecture for a course (Game physics, simulation and AI) that is given to the game dev students called "Semantic Networks for Game Character Control" ... and i realize that i must feel pretty vague cause i ended up with 120 slides! But it will have to do, im giving it early tomorrow morning.
Semantic networks in themselves are not a straight forward thing to explain in a short amount of time - there are so many different kinds, and then - it is also a matter of interpretation... and in what timeperiods since Quillian one wants to ask the question. I hope no one asks me whether a fuzzy cognitive map is a semantic network or not. And under what circumstances can a neural network be called a semantic network. hm. maybe its just semantics :) ....Whats important is what we can do with different methodoligies, im sure most ppl would agree on that.