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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

PINO - My robot friend

My robot friend
My robot friend,
originally uploaded by mimmi.
Since we finished the first version of the design document yesterday I treated myself with opening the PINO Robot package! Now he sleeps, but we played for quite a while. He is one years old at the moment, in a delicate phase of personality development.

After a three-phaze development PINO develops a personality which is either friendly, shy or naugty. He can be in several moods, syblolised by the color of his eyes: very happy, happy, normal, lonely, or unhappy. More about shipped features here:
Info on FireBox

What more (and this is the reason for us having them in the office) there is an open source pino robot programming initiative Open Pino Platform (GNU GPL. We don't have the research variety of it though.

Open PINO Platform is the project to accelerate the research and development of humanoid robots by providing the technical information of PINO open to the public. Everyone can use PINO as a base of the research and development, in other words, to foster PINO to be more sophisticated humanoid robot. We hope PINO to play the similar role as LINUX, for humanoid robot development. Please join us to foster PINO!
PINO the Humanoid Robot - Reasons for Designing the Humanoid Robot” by the makers of PINO