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Friday, October 21, 2005

implementation note to self 051021

So: in my executable network. Im am unsure of whether i should use message posting or attached proceduers for updating the mind.
As for now i have rushed away and made attached procedures, but im stopping now the see wheter i maybe should use triggers instead. Hmf.

I started stuffing around with the mood nodes yesterday, making them talk to the different emotion nodes that they are conserned with. (the intro mood and the extro mood will talk to different emotions, and have some in common. I tried to balance it so they both have same number of positive/negative/neutral emotions, but i will have to redo it anyway when its time for tweaking.) Anyway, it struck me just before i was going off to fly with Arne in that Cessna Skyhawk, that i really _should_ have message posting instead, in my mind i seem to have two system design working in parallell and thats just terrible. Cant have that, oh no.