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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Tokyo Game Show Day 2

2006_09_22-tgs 130
Today, which was a public day, was more fun than the business day yesterday. There were more people, and there were dancing! And cos-play! And I took some time for trying out games.

I EARNED this trinket! The platformer R-man has kick-ass game play. R-man reward at TGS 2006

On the subway on my way to TGS today I decided upon three things to look for: MMO related stuff, booth-hunks and cosplay. (Cosplay is when people dress up to look like game characters.) I did bad on the booth-hunks, didn’t understand the Japanese information about the MMOs shown, but the cosplay was a feast.

One of the few booth-hunks:
Precious rarity

Photo spree, cosplay at tgs 2006
Cosplay at TGS 2006 Cosplay at TGS06

2006_09_22-tgs 141
2006_09_22-tgs 162 2006_09_22-tgs 158 2006_09_22-tgs 166 2006_09_22-tgs 146
Cosplay at TGS 2006

Here are all the cosplay pictures.
Here are all pictures I took at the Tokyo Game Show.