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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

E3 2010

E3 this year happened just prior to the Foundation for Digital Games Conference (FDG) so me, Jakob Berglund, Mattias Görl and Don Geyer hit both venues. Me and Jakob had demos to show at FDG, and Don had a speech to make at the education summit in relation to E3.


The best with these venues are as always the people you meet; I met with Brian Schwab and got to talk some AI, and was lucky to run into Richard Dansky the first thing in the Ubisoft booth when I arrived to the expo, and got to talk about narrative. On my to-do list now is to check out the coop conflict in splinter cell, and to use Richard’s advice when I start doing the play-testing scenarios in the Pataphysic Institute (3-tiered conflicting goals).

IMG_3658 Brian at Venice Beach IMG_3678 I found Richard in the ubisoft part of e3 IMG_3723
Brian Schwab Richard Dansky and me N3DS

IMG_3671 IMG_3680 IMG_3752 me and david tomas
Kinect Booth 1 Kinect Booth 2 David Tomas and me

At the show, the highlight for me was to try out Microsofts Natal (now renamed to Kinect). I got the demo where one interact with a cat (that I named Sigge) using the whole body to interact (tracking of 48(?) joints). It really worked. I’m impressed.
I was pondering on getting into the long line for trying out the Nintendo 3DS, but then I ran into David Tomas who told me that it was basically like a 3D postcard so I figured I could instead go to make an inventory of present booth hunks with Jakob. We were quite successful me thinks ;)

IMG_3755 one proper booth hunk

IMG_3773 jakob and his favorite booth hunk