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Monday, November 26, 2018

Changing Climates, Living Lab at Skövde University 23 – 25 November 2018

I attended an important and inspiring a symposium at the University of Skövde on November 23-24 focused on Environmental Humanities issues through interdisciplinary digital art and storytelling practices, invited by Lissa Holloway-Attaway. The symposium was funded by The Seed Box, a large Environmental Humanities consortium project centered at Linköping University, and it combines two sub-projects for which Lissa have received funding. One project is called “Enacting Baltic Eco-Systems” and is focused on exploring Baltic Sea ecologies and threatened environments, and the other is called "Digital Imaginaries/Posthuman Visions” and is more specifically focused on speculative climate change issues as imagined through digital/artistic interventions that might engage citizens and bring awareness. Lissa gathered a group of interdisciplinary scholars and artists to brainstorm both project themes and share current research or projects.

 Before going, I brainstormed what of my previous work could be useful to share: 2018-11-35-outling-my-talk at changining climates

It was an interesting thought exercise, because it made me realize to what a large extent I have been concerned with notions of co-creation over the years. I drew a summary of how I see story construction happening in large narrative systems, and in it, I see the area that is the intersection between designed and played narrative potential to be a powerful point – when users/players are invited to add their own creation into already existing systems. (the area between the leaves and the fish)


 I made some notes during the day, here they are: 2018-11-23-Canging Climates

I’m so glad I was invited! It was wonderful to meet old friends, and to make new ones in context where we might be able to make some difference together. 

Link to Seed Box

 Some photos from the event at Flickr:
2018 Nov Changing Climates Living Lab