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Monday, May 02, 2005

TRGL Retreat and SuperMarit gaming evening

Jenny and Paola, KongasAnother week with social events. The day after coming back from Stockholm SuperMarit organized a gaming evening. Paola, Charlotte, Jenny and me got totally obsessed by playing DonkeyKongas.

The following day we packed two minivans with ourselves and food and went to Burs for a workshop. It was the first time the whole Trans Reality Gaming Lab gathered in one place. It was really nice: some of us have been working together for years, others met for the first time. Cooking food together and helping out each other in between sessions added a lot to the group feeling. Geska did as always an amazing job organizing in a way that kept our spirits high. It was nice too to get to spend some time with Eva Niewdorp who is leaving us to go back to Utrecht. Luckily she is going to Vancouver for the Digra conf, so if I’m going I will meet her there. Her brother Rik was visiting too, both to meet Eva and to discuss a design case in the MMRO work package that involves music (creating an individual concert for each player taking affect data from the mind module). When we were back in the office on the Friday him, Mikael and me had an inspiring meeting on how to go about it.
I’m really happy that I went with the others to the workshop. Even if one see each other pretty often and read about each other’s work it gives another kind of understanding to get a chance to discuss it under so relaxed circumstances. Mixed feelings too: grief for the old studio, relief that things are better, excitement about new people and wonder realizing that we more or less are on the right track.

Staffan Staffan and Martin E Rik, Martin E, Geska and Charlotte
Eva, Charlotte and Rik Geska, Maria, Johan, Martin E and Martin S
Lotta and Geska whoteboarding in the night IMG_2398