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Friday, June 10, 2005


Lately I’ve spent most of my energy on implementing, finally! And some supervision of our 3rd year students who are doing their exam works. That’s fun though. I was lucky to get Fredrik Mattson to supervise, who writes about characterization in games, focusing on the visual aspects, so that was useful to me. Otherwise normal weeks have been spiced up by first a trip to Holmhällar for the whole institution. Two days of intense planning. Fun part was of course the SIM education, and then some mandatory university reorganization issues. These tend to be cyclic.


A real highlight was the LARP “Limestonen Roll” organized by, among other’s, Alex Erics. An excellent production, an absolute master piece. I got to play a secret agent (think Scully in ArciveX). We were five persons in the agent team, communicating with the “central”. The gameplay was paced in a way that allowed more laid-back periods as well as really intense ones. Even though the events was planned and staged we as players got a feeling of an open universe. We played until dawn when we saved the northern part of the world by disarming a nuclear bomb.