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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Georgia Tech, Atlanta

I have been to Alanta for a week now. Everything has gone well: absolutely nothing went wrong with the flights. (which is so unusual that’s a bit scary!). Michael picked me up at the airport, so I didn’t even have the chance to get lost.

I have all time in the world to concentrate. It is strange and very nice to not be demanded for anything, by anyone. Wow. Im still, after a week, bewildered by that every morning when i wake up. I'm reading, going through files, reading code... and every now and then i sit down on a bench under a tree. Georgia Tech is like a big park. Wonderful flowebeds.

A brief photo diary:

Waking up in Atlanta

Waking up in Atlanta somewhat confused and jetlagged. This is the view in dawn.

Getting my things together
Getting my stuff together.

My Georgia Tech Map
The first days mainly went into administation, getting cards and keys to be able to enter buildings, filling in forms etc. I ran around on the campus to different administration buildings, and it became very much like a newbie quests: I got to know the geography somewhat.

Michael Mateas talking to Manu in the Experimental Game Lab
Michael Mateas talking to Manu in the Experimental Game Lab.

Settling into the room i got at LCC Shared working space at TSRB gatech

Michael arranged so that I have two workingspaces: An office in the Skyles building, which is where the School of Literature, Communication and Culture is (LCC) and a desk in a shared workspace in the Technology Square Research Building.
This way I can chose if i want to sit among other people or be in the office at Skyles. Best of two worlds.

Consoles in EGL Consoles
Here the game consoles are nicely set up. We should do something similar in our lab on gotland, when we finally get that space. Should put all our borad games in there too, and a table with grids on it such as in the dragons lair in stockholm. Another thing which I like with the environment here is that all projects, no matter if it is a student project or a research project has an A3 poster set up somewhere. It’s very nice to stroll around and read these. It would be a good idea to have that at our place too. We wouldn’t have had to be so stressed out about having a poster for the IPERG plenary two weeks ago if we had had a routine like this. But we surely must have an A3 printer somewhere at HGO?

Lisbeth and Jay Bolter
Lisbeth Klastrup is here on research leave too! She took me out for lunch, fed me dinner and lended me a guide book before she hopped on a plane back to Denmark. Luckily she comes back soon. I miss her!

A relaxing space by the Skyles building
Georgia Tech's Campus area has many nice spots for sitting down on benches under trees. This is my favorite so far. Its by the building where i got an office, Skyles. I go here when i talk over Skype, the wireless network allows it.
Note the sqirrel in the left part of the picture. After i took the picture another one came and they ran around chasing each other.

Guilt free ice cream baby carrots For shopping
Shopping… I can’t help laughing when I’m in the grociery store here :).

The Efficiency at Burge
And this is what the apartment looks like!

More pictures here: