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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Game library for the SIM students and TKM department!

Yesterday i spent the whole day in stockholm shopping games to get our game library started! I primarily bought PC games, since everone has a computer, and board games. And a cardgame and some PS and PS2 games. and some classic RPG books. One step at the time, we just need to start with at least _some_ classics. In the last shop, Dragon's Lair, i realized two things: 1) I have to take a taxi to get home, and 2) Now way I can take all this on my own back to Gotland. So early this morning i met up with Iwona's son Kai, who now is on the ferry, and loaded half of it into his, very big bag! So now there will be games availiable for both students and teachers when the semester starts.

Im so glad I finally got this done. Have been arguing for more than a year that the SIM students need to be able to borrow games. Comparing the situation with how it would be if we taught literary studies and didn't have Shakespear or Strindberg availiable in the library. Our prefect was able to find some money in the budget for it, and even if this only is a fraction of the games we would like to buy it is a start!
For our game library For our game library
For our game library