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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Heliö: Role-Playing Game as a Guided Decision-Making Process, freeform notes from Seminar on Playing Roles, Tampere

These are my free form notes from the Seminar in Tampere on Playing Roles:

Heliö: Role-Playing Game as a Guided Decision-Making Process

Games narrativity dialog
In multiplayer games, how social networks define that.
The immersion state that is aimed for, supposed to aim for. Heliö disagrees.
Sees RP as games, though Juul doesn't.
Goals _are_ well motivated and structured.

How support players?
Well motivated goals are crucial.
Knowledge of player expectation.
Space for both character and player experimenting.
Playing towards failure or loss as character can be rewarding! //i totally agree, good point worth exploring
Playing well together.

Well played game.
Bernie DeKoven.
-willingess to play
- Well played game exerienced is not only about winning and loosing. //yes, more about the nature of the experience in the game world.

Oatley 1992
Stories as an inner mental simultaion of plans. Games are a kind of external simulation.
//hmm reminds of the cognitive schema stuff C wrote about 2002, and about Riceur.

Fictionality and emotions. Torben Grodal. 2001 argues one need a focal point in form of a character. //yes yes yes

Peter Pan worlds
Static and uninteesing
//which worlds, i dont get the ref?

Character and player equally important.

Satu Heliö

Lisbeth: could be good to distinguish about goal making and decision making. Some things are intuitve. WoW - the machinima movies, about how to play your own world.
Craig: how fine applied goffmans theory, the frames, how could that be modelled for Larp..
//i think Marinka wrote about the fact that the Goffman theory rellay need to be understood from the environment where it was developed.... And what about that paper by ...dammit forgot name.
Harviainen: I wrote about that in a book that now is delayed!
Your approach is so clinical, and you are the most non immersionist player i have ever met, do you think the play resembles of religious ritual? The game state is so fundamentally different...
Heliö: even if we dont realise that we bring in stuff from the player it is there, that's how i see it but i know we will debate about this.
Pohjola: the characters want and need. Different. Conform in end of 2nd act. Could be a relevant distinctions.
Annika: It is a bit abstract, it would be interesting to see analysises of interesting failures.
Guy in blue t-shirt: these are the guileines given in forge!
Montola: player identity that affects character identity -> transformation and communication towards own goals.
Flood: Who is responsible? One bad apple can spoil it all.
Heliö: yes (with explication)
Mäyrä: challenges. Lack of role play in wow. What direction to go in online game design? Socially adjustable instances?
Heliö: Playful spaces, thats what im developing now workwise. Spaces with different types of actions availiable. The MMOGs has a gameness structure that is very difficult to work around. So we try to open it up.
Martin E: D&D online try a gamist approach to solve it. Own work with the posession model in Prosopoeia. As a player you have a ghost.
Heliö: interesting w the dynamics player -- character.
Martin E: yes milk out the drama out of it.