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Monday, April 03, 2006

Henriksen: Educational Role-Play: Moving Beyond Entertainment, freeform notes from Seminar on Playing Roles, Tampere

These are my free form notes from the Seminar in Tampere on Playing Roles:

Henriksen: Educational Role-Play: Moving Beyond Entertainment

Games as a content provider and feedback mechanism.

The perspective model.

Thomas Duus Henriksen

Lisbeth: How do you see entertainment?
Henriksen: hard fun... //i didnt get it all its morning. Lazzaro stuff.
More relevant learning if stepping out.
Craig: but if it isnt fun, whats the reason to use game, why would ppl engage?
H: the ppl using these have a primary motivation for learning, not entertainment.
C: you make a classic misstake... Games might not be appropriate for a learning processes. They might not be good as learning environments.
H: Well, I can get a skill to become very good at using a paper sword. (pointing at a slide)
C: games as // I missed out on the arguments while trying to work out whether there really is a fundamental conflict here.
Flood: play as tool?
H: deconstructive approach > frustration as main motivation (pointing at a slide reminding on the flow diagram)
MartinE: do you break game in middle "what have you learned now" (after introductory sentences about immersion, magic circle, immersion in larps)
H: not really... Debriefing: interesting practice.
Montola: what type of knowledge do you teach people?
H: doing things in new ways
Harviainen: Im in agreement here taking out the entertainment thing, emphasising the ... //well its either and interaction model or a process they mean here, im not sure.
Stenros: can step away for moments, that is already there, it can be there without taking out the fun.
H: two models here not confuse. Hard problem -> solving etc is in stages, then other model to use breaks. //i think he said so