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Sunday, October 07, 2007

DiGRA notes day 2: Gambling is in My Genes by Byungho Park

Byungho Park, University of Singapore:

Gambling is in My Genes: Correlations between Personality Traits with Biological Basis and Digital Entertainment Choice

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Freeform notes I threw down while listening:

Gambling part of Chinese culture, the important concept of luck.

Sensation seeking, Marvin Zuckerman, 1994, lots of talk about it in the 70ties.

Controversy if gamblers are ss or not. Could depend on treatment program: in depression ss goes down. So Park looks at normal population, i.e. not in treatment programs.

Data: no significant correlation of SS and gambling, and even less in the amount of money spent.

Motivational System (i.e. other system than traits). Biological. Lots of studies in Psychology on this. Activation rate (//cmpr my sys with trait nodes but activation and decay rates in the spreading activation NW)

//BP good at explaining his research.

Individuals have different activation rates.

Positivity offset. In a neutral environment appetitive system is stronger than the aversive. Cave man example. PO differs in individuals. Tied to how much seeking of novelty.

MAM. In test showing ppl photos and asking about aversion, positiveness, and arousal.

Using this got a stronger correlation in the Park’s data. Strong PO ppl prefer FPSes, while those with less may prefer solitaire or slow paced/turn based board games.


Aki J√§rvinen: …

P: in clinical psychology… skill level

//I remember the presentation at the SvS symposium where someone from Karolinska showed cat scans (or was it MRI?) of brains of ppl who were addicted to drugs and gambling. Damaged/changed areas. Saying it was permanent. And the other presentation where a therapist said that is not permanent at all. Wonder what his take is…?

…I asked… long good answer, hypothalamus.

Frans: poker play study.

Photographed slides from the paper session that I uploaded to Flickr.