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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

DIGRA05: The future of Electronic Games, Murray

Session at DIGRA05 (

Janet Murray: The future of Electronic Games: Lessons from the First 250,000 years.

As the title of the speech implies Murray used a very broad perspective. She talked in a kind of stealthy speed: it felt all relaxed and easy, but afterwards I realized that she had taken us very far very quickly. Some of the thins she asked was who the phantom narratologist is, and proposed the use of the term “Computer Game Formalism” instead of “Game Studies”. Murray also argued against making single orthodox readings of games. She continued by going into the areas of cognitive science, the evolution of symbolic media, showed Michael’s and Andrew’s Fa├žade, leaving us with the words “procedural agency”. It was a great speech, check out the text and the slides, they are available here:

Janet Murray projecting Espen Aarseth
Janet Murray projecting Espen Aarseth in her featured speech.