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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

GDC 2008 Diary Morning Day 1 (monday)

We drove up from Santa Cruz early enough that I could catch the few last minutes of Raph Koster's speech. (Why Gamers should Care about Virtual Worlds)
Totally out of context since i didn't hear what led up to it:
"VW's are a lot of windows"
" Don't only think of the hammer, but what you can build with it. "
Luckily Raph Koster is a master documentalist, so i could update myself on his site:

I also hopped into...
Entertainment Content Convergence in Online Worlds
Speaker(s): Reuben Steiger (Millions of Us)


Heeding the Lessons of Bartle in Socially-Driven Spaces
Speaker(s): Erik Bethke (


...but had difficulties concentrating since i was mentally preparing for being in a panel in the afternoon.


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