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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Santa Cruz, Tokyo, Texas and Sweden

I haven’t blogged for a while …

These are the post I would like to have written:

  • How great it was to move to Santa Cruz in California in the end of august. The EIS lab at the university (UCSC) is very nice place to bee at. Not only is Micheal Mateas there, there is also ten other people who do so interesting stuff I just could faint.
  • Summary of the Digra Conference in Tokyo in the end of September. I have written some about it here, but there was so much to write, so this is where fell behind in blogging.
  • The Project Horseshoe in Texas in the beginning of November. That’s a think tank dedicated to solving difficult game design problems. It was one of those experiences it is hard to find words for – good or great sounds lame in comparison to the actual feelings.
  • That I’m now back in Sweden to visit family and friends. In two weeks I’m heading back to the sunny California again.