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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Phd Thesis Online!

A few weeks ago the amended version of my PhD thesis, titled 'Characterising Action Potential in Virtual Game Worlds Applied with the Mind Module' was approved by Teesside University. I changed two sentences, erased three words and corrected typos in the text I submitted in September 2009.

Now the thesis will be printed as hard-copies according to instructions from Teessid University and as soft copies according to instructions from Gotland University Press. It will be categorized and put into the British Library system, and the Swedish Library system, and it will receive numbers by which it can be identified.

Meanwhile, the text is sitting in my drop-box's public folder in case anyone would like to browse it.

Here is a link to Volume 1, which is the actual thesis-text. It's 342 pages and about 12 MB:

Here is a link to the full-text version, complete with volume 2, which is appendices, and volume 3, which is a bunch of papers. This version is 642 pages and around 22 MB large.

M. P. Eladhari (2009). Characterising Action Potential in Virtual Game Worlds applied with the Mind Module. Ph.D. thesis, Teesside University, UK.

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