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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

René of the Truants (rouge sholars of MMOs) sent out a link to this wonderful picture today, a Map of Online Communities:

...that made me wonder where we of the Truants may find ourselves. My suggestion is a big truants-shaped cloud formation that stricks down lightnings of pink clarity in seemingly random patterns!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The Mystery of the Human Head or The Philosophical Brain

The Philosophical Mind - Fludd
Originally uploaded by mimmi.
For years i have, from time to time, been thinking of a certain picture that I associate with the Mind Module. I have done futile image searches based on key words i thought may give a hit. Today i I stumbled over it while browsing for posters.

The picture is called "The Mystery of the Human Head" or "The philosophical brain", and appeared in a book by the hermetic artist Robert Fludd (1574 - 1632). Utriusque cosmi maioris scilicet et minores metaphysica, physica atque technica historia was published in 1617 (Oppenheim) and came in seven volumes. In the picture Fludd visualizes the spiritual aspects of man as abiding in certain recesses of the brain. The illustration is made by Merian. After som searching i found a picture of a microfilm that has a high enough resolution for seeing what is written in the illustration. Finally! A four year long curiosity is satisfied.


Friday, May 04, 2007

Winter in Stockholm

I spent most of the winter in a sofa corner dressed different Hello Kitty pyjamas. Well, I guess that's a truth with modification, but it feels like that in hindsight. I decided to take a break from developing for a while to allow myself some reflection. Instead of implementing I have been reading and playing. So I have been reviewing articles for journals and conferences focussing on game studies. I got dragged out of my sofa corner on a regular basis though since a few brave souls in Swedish media have realized that virtual worlds are interesting. I also received the Hans Werthén scholarship from the Royal Swedish Academy of the Engineering Sciences, an occasion where I definitely needed to wear something else than a Hello Kitty pyjama.
Hello Kitty Oil Painting
My sofa-corner

My excursions to Swedish media:


TV400, Gameplayer TV, part 4 of 7, 23.45
Vi tittar närmare på online-spelande. Reportage om Age of Conan och hands-on i studion av Lord of the Rings.

Gameplayer TV Crew 2007_04_24-skovde 008


Tidningen Vi, Majnumret
"Sinnesingeniören" (The mind engineer)



Dagens Industri, p 19
"Forskaren som ger dataspelen nytt liv" (The researcher who give computer games new life)

What it looked like to me Dagens Industri 14 Mars 2007

Svenska Dagbladet, Näringsliv, p 14 - 15
"De har världen som arbetsfält" (The world is their working field)
Svenska Dagbladet 14 Mars 2007


Kungl. Ingengiörsvetenskapsakademien
Hans Werthén-fonden (Hans Werthén Scholarship, Royal Academy of Engineering Sciences)
Tilldelning av stipendie om 125 000 kr för gästforskarperiod på University of Santa Cruz,

2007_03_25 033


Sveriges Television, Kunskapskanalen, Mera Kultur, 20.00

Datorspel i fantasi och verklighet (Computer games in fantasy and reality)
De parallella världarna på internet växer både i storlek och popularitet. Här utspelar sig oftast
sagans till synes okonstlade kamp mellan gott och ont. Så länge fantasi finns kommer behovet av en myt, episk berättelse eller fabel aldrig att stillas. Stora rollspel som till exempel World of Warcraft engagerar miljontals människor över hela klotet. Programvärden Fredrik Sahlin samtalar med kulturjournalisten och spelrecensenten Jonas Thente samt spelforskaren Mirjam Palosaari Eladhari som berättar om attraktionen, kommersen och framtiden för datorspelen.

Vivi meets Fredrik Sahlin 2007-01-22
Well, Vivi claims that he actually conjured Fredrik Sahlin. "How else could the host of a tv show about video games as culture be so charming, handsome and intelligent?" he asked me.

Vivi meets Jonas Thente 2007-01-22
Again Vivi claims to have conjured a person, this time video-games reviewer.


Dagens Nyheter, DN Kultur, Spelreportage
Fantastiska Final Fantasy (Fantastic Final Fantasy)
Två framträdande spelpersonligheter, chefredaktören för speltidningen Level Tobias Bjarneby och doktoranden i spelutveckling Mirjam Palosaari Eladhari förklarar för oss varför Final Fantasy-serien är så stor.


TV4 Nyhetsmorgon:
Virtuella världar är en verklighet i dag (Virtual worlds are a reality today)
Mirjam Eladhari, doktorand i spelutveckling, och Susanne Möller, spelskribent DN, är gäster i soffan.

Vivi and Susanne at TV4 2007-01-19 2
Vivi was charmed by Susanne Möller who he met in the coffee room at TV4 in Stockholm. He kept talking about her for days! How cool she was and how nice and how much she knows about WoW and how much he loves the reviews she writes for DN... Finally I had to tuck him back into the handbag again ;)