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Friday, October 16, 2009

Tales of the Arabian Nights

Every now and then we at the game department at Gotland University gather to play games, an yesterday we played the boardgame The tales of the Arabian Nights by Eric Goldberg at Jakob's place.

My character was Sheherazade, but I was turned into a donkey. During the game - i had a fad for looking too closely at mysterious artifacts - I became an envious donkey on pilgrimage, but was imprisoned. Peter won the game by doing a lot of grovelling, while Jakob had the worst luck of us all. He was Alladin, and was crippled, wounded, scorned at had a useless princess tagging along by his squeaking wheel chair. I went kloppetiklop. Albertina spent most of the time doing her quest king of thieves, trying to gather the two eyes of (..Llamia? I forget).

Tales of the Arabian Nights has this nice combination of a book of tales and a matrix of different actions that were slightly but not too much randomized by die-rolls. Events were triggered by encounter-cards, while the tale of the event given by player action (chosen from one of several matrices) modded by a dice (-1, 0, 1) and then found in the book, containing tellings of thousands of tales.

more about the game:

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