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Friday, August 10, 2018

FDG 2018 in Malmö

The Foundations of Digital Games Conference 2018 (FDG 2018) happened in Malmö, so it was great fun to introduce friends to Sweden. Some of them I dragged with me back to Stockholm so we could hang out some more :).

Anne Sullivan presented our paper "Tarot Based Narrative Generation" at the PCG Workshop that we wrote jointly with Mike Cook.

On the thursday I was part of panel " Methods, History, and Impact - Directions in Game Design Research" together with Hartmut Koenitz, Elisa Mekler, Christian Roth, Staffan Björk, Petri Lankoski, Annakaisa Kultima, and Christopher Schmitz. It is not in the FDG proceedings, but we rewrote the panel text afterwards, informed by the discussions. That text will at CHI PLAY 2018 GER-18 Workshop.

Here are the watercolour notes I made:

2018-08-07-FDG- PCG-workshop-1-1-w1200px