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Wednesday, March 23, 2005


The design process for the MMRO project is not over yet, but the design document has at least been delivered to the EU people, which is a relief. So I have been able to be less single minded, and talk to people about other things.
Annika Waern (who heads the whole IPERG project which MMRO is part of) came over to the island, and over dinner we had an interesting conversation about how design work relates to research work, and under what circumstances design work can bee seen as part of research, and what needs to be considered in these cases.
Another conversation that sticks to my mind was about reality games with Andreas (Leo) Nordvall, who has been staging games of that kind for some years. What does it mean when a game has it’s stance in reality, adding a fictional overlay? A whole different starting point for the diegesis. Now I am also a proud owner and user of a Money Stamp.