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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Notes fr ACG: MMO Rant

MMO Rant

28 October 2005, Texas, Austin, Austin Game Conference

MMO Rant ACG 2005

I was late so i missed out on Jeff Hickman's and Brian Green's rants, but Brian posted his rant here:; an absolutely hilarous letter to Stephen King, on why he as a reader knew everything better than King since he has read so many scary books.

Jessica Mulligan ranted: Stop making the same mistakes all the time!

Gordon Walton ranted: Don't be such cowards: Dare to take risks!

The panel gave plenty of room for the audience to rant as well, and the session turned into fiest of pie-throwing; very entertaining.

gordon walton One of Gordon Walton's slides in MMO Rant James Acres' MMO Rant, ACG 2005 Pointing at CMU, possible risk takers

All pictures from the session:

Some notes I threw down while the computer had power:

Jessica Mulligan:

Cannot ignore the player base!

WoW staff sucks: declare that they will be at party but not talk to the players!

MMO's are released before they are ready.

Billing programs... Thoguht we were over this but for the last 6 months i worked w a game that was written the 3 last days and tested w single credit card.

100k presales waiting!

Stop making the same mistakes all the time!

Gordon Walton: Risk taking.

We are herd animals in a creative buisness. We copy each other.

Here is a transcript from f13 netforums
wow that was some fast typing!

Desciption of session in program:

Friday, 3:00pm - 4:00pm

MMO Rant

Though our medium is becoming more significant yearly, we still have a long way to go to fully realize it's potential. The panelists are going to unleash their inner anguish on an issue they believe is holding back our industry. Our goal will be to challenge ourselves and the audience to look beyond the current industry results.

- Gordon Walton

- Brian Green, Near Death Studios, Inc.

- Jeff Hickman, Executive Producer & VP of PQ and CS, Mythic Entertainment

- Jessica Mulligan, Executive Consultant, Online Games