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Friday, November 10, 2006

Memory leaks

I have been fretting about mending the memory leaks in the mind module for a long time now, finding other seemingly more important things to do. Oh well all is important, but i have anyway not gotten down to the memory leak problem.

One of the other things i have stuffed around with is converting my code projects from vs2003 to vs2005, and one of the problems is that the libray i use for logging, log4cxx doesnt link properly in vs2005. And there are no new binaries since 2004 in the project. ...So i thought that well either i solve the problem, or i implement a simpler logging system, or i just go on using vs2003 where log4cxx works. But now i have one of those days where i couldn't concentrate on anything, so i thought why not instead use the time to remake the logging system. That's at least a comprehensible task.
...and ended up trying to solve the problem anyway - I'm so fond of the library so i think there is a case of separation agony.
In the midst of this though i stumbled on long threads about memory leaks! In log4cxx!

what if what if...
it would be too good to be true. Probably it's not true, i have probably been sloppy and have to mend those leaks anyway. But maybe there will be one less!

Otherwise it is still good in Tokyo. I had my husband visiting last week and this week i have had a flue, but im starting to feel better.