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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Player Character with Maslovian needs 1999

At work we are moving to another building. I found this diagram in my office while putting stuff in moving-boxes. The diagram shows the architecture for the player character with maslovian(-ish) needs. I built this in 1999 when Patricia, Fia, me and a couple of others where doing a game called IO city. We built a simple java server and used Flash as a client, talking to the server via whatever script flash used back then. It was a small multiplayer game where players needed manage their needs (sleep, culture etc) while at the same time doing a career (or just manage to hold down a day job without going insane ;)
For this diagram I used the software Together a few years ago (perhaps in 2003?) to see if it could take already existing code and show relationships.
How time flies. Strange too, to see something that we worked on so intensely then, it was at the center of our lives and consciousness for months, and now...a dusty digram far down in a box. Good times though, I remember we had great fun. Patricia and I used to take short breaks when we ran into walls coding, and then suddenly look into each others eyes and see the solution.