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Saturday, August 20, 2011

GAME-blob goes to GDCE'11

We travelled from Gotland to GDCE and Gamescom in Cologne like a big (pretty cosy) blob. We joked about how we’d need vests that would blink or make sounds whenever any of us 19 people got too far away from a dynamically updated centre-point of our blob.

Here is the blob negotiating a ticket-machine as we are arriving to Cologne.

Arrived to Köln, negotiating ticket machines

The Blob by our booth:
by our booth at GDCE'11

Blob got lost in the parking lot (trying to find the crytech party)

Blob is lost

Blob decides that even if the sign is promising, this is not the right party.

Blob is stuck! (but we made it in the end, and our blob merged with the mega-GDCE-blob )
Blob faces a challenge

One of the great things with travelling in a blob was that we could spread out over the whole conference program - and occasionally the hive mind would gather to compare. Now I know which talks I need to listen to when they come online in the GDC Vault. One is John Blows talk on “Truth in Game Design”. The blob didn’t agree at all about that talk, so it seems to be really interesting. Another talk I’ll access is Peter Holzapfels talk “Team Jazz and Production Kung Fu - How Different Art Forms Can Help Us to Create Better Games”. Several in the blob loved this talk. The same goes for Thomas Grips’ talk “Evoking Emotions and Achieving Success by Breaking All the Rules”. The part of the blob that listened to this one says it was the best talk of the whole conference.