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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Malta Global Game Jam 2015

Malta Global Game Jam was kicked off to a great start with three talks:

  • The team behind "And then we held Hands" from lasts years MGGJ described their work process. It was a success, keep an eye out for it at Kickstarter!
  • Pippin Barr gave useful advice on types of games one can make at a jam depending on what expertise one finds in ones team, and
  • Leigh Alexander gave an inspiring keynote about how the passion we all share for game development will help bring our field forward. We're in it together.

GGJ15 theme announcement at MGGJ MGGJ Keynote Talk on Minimal Game Design Talk about 'And then we held hands' My water-colour note 1 from MGGJ15 My water-colour note 2 MGGJ15