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Thursday, August 29, 2019

DiGRA 2019 Watercolor Notes from Kyoto

It was a treat to get to go to the DiGRA 2019 Conference! I'm so grateful to all the organisers, who did an amazing job. The conference happened in Kyoto, Japan,  6 - 10 August 2019, at the Ritsumeikan University. 
I had the opportunity to present some of my own thoughts at the conference (4 pieces, one co-written with Petri Lankoski, and two with Hartmut Koenitz). I also had the pleasure - it was great fun - to run the workshop on Teaching Games Pedagogical Approaches together with the those of us from the organisation committee who could make it to Kyoto: Mia Consalvo, William Huber, Hartmut Koenitz and Andy Phelps. 

As usual, I took my notes in ink and water color, here they are :).

I made the last one when I had gotten home, I had a blank backside of one of my three papers. Digra2020 returns to Tampere! I recognise the green color and the tower on the call page from the graphics for the conference that was there in 2002 (unless I am mixing things up), though it was not yet called DiGRA back then. I remember that I stayed at hotel Tammer and that it never got dark. ...So I added the tower to the drawing, but I couldn't bring myself to use quite the full murkiness of that green color.