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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Liveblogging GIA: Keynote: TL Taylor.

Freeform notes from Game in’ Action Conference in Gothenburg 15th June 2007.

Keynote: TL Taylor.

TL Taylor

TL will talk about emergence. The not always pretty emergence. The ambiguity of emergence. Played audio file from a raid.

Interviewed raid leaders. Used an add-on CT for it

Ordering and stratification

Need to raid to get to high-end content. Requirements for members. Age for example. Screen of typical guild application.

CTProfiles. CTMod.

The Armory.

Various systems to order and classify player characters.


Add-ons mentioned are not quite in the game space.

Mods in relation to emergence and co-creation. Mod-productions bring ambivalence and discussion in player communities, debate and disagreement.

TL shows contrast between original UI and one with a lot of mods use.

TL: not only the icing on the cake. It changes the play experience. It is something more than getting information on the screen. Play practice changes.

Surveillance. Ambivalence there too. Constantly going on, on different levels. Always at work in WoW

…ran out of batteries: notes on paper.

Taylor slide