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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

SALERO's Experimental Productions

  • Hack the Van (Geni de Vilar Font, Activa Multimedia)
  • Triage (Richard Hackett and Richard Smithies, Blitz Games)
  • Full House (Juhani Tenhunen, University of Art and Design Helsinki)
  • (Carl Goodman, Pepper’s Ghost Productions)

Hack the Van

Already using output from tools-WPs in the experimental productions. (Salero been running for 18 months)

Hack The van using Multilingual Speech Synthesis (Carlos Monzo and Xavier Gonzalvo, Universitat Ramon Llull).

Demo with fully automated content. Evalutaion with closed user group.

Hack the Van


TruSim Division – serious games, learning and engagement.

Setting: disaster scene.

High fidelity characters.

Train paramedics, policemen or other staff working in case of disaster.

/*compare with M. El Jed, N. Pallamin, J. Dugdale, and B. Pavard.

Modelling character emotion in an interactive virtual

environment. In proceedings of AISB 2004 Symposium:

Motion, Emotion and Cognition, Leeds, UK, 29 March

1 April 2004. – designed for fire fighters */

…shows slides of scanned model etc – but slides marked confidential so I don’t photograph…

Face + eyes + wrinkles

Animations of facial expressions.

Together with lipsynking. It looks stunning.

Body: breathing and muscle movement.


Blood, sweat and tears.

A dying character – photo realistic – validated with medical experts. /*Difficult to see it without feeling emotion.*/

First on a disaster scene. What casualties to treat first? First Aid decision making.

Modularity characters and clothing.

An injury…omg. Can’t look.

Custimzable both for trainer and trainee.

//don’t forget to check the specs of the audio generation in the mmo middle ware alternatives.

Richard Smithies: Triage

Full House

Ironical political tv talkshopw. User to choose political candidate. Internet community, cell phone client, TV show. A great presentation movie.

More at:

Full House Guide Character



Objective: play well together.

Illstrative movie of little Bong who first doesn’t play nice but then becomes a good sport in cooperation. Adorable adorable characters, absolutely lovely. Puppy gesture language to Bong.

Second movie:

2 flying characters, red and green, in the windproof laboratory.

Wibbly wobbly sculpture in windproof laboratory. Fliff floff feathers. Piff poff socket.

Lipsynk on funnels!

MyTiny planets experimental production – webb interface, flash. Characters acting a guides, animated, voice