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Monday, February 02, 2015

Dagstuhl 15051 Day 1 Photo diary & notes

 We were cordially welcomed by Julian Togelius, Mike Preuss, Michael Mateas, Simon Lucas and Pieter Spronck (not visible in the picture), and then we had some mini-talks, introducing potential topics for the seminar. They are listed in the watercolour note below:
  Notes from morngin of day 1

Michael presenting what we did at the last seminar We had a break for lunch, and then we had a couple of more pitches for topics, here is the list: IMG_0186.jpg We then divided into workgroups. I was curios to learn more about automated game design, so I joined groups with Dan Ashlock, Simon Colton, and Mark van Krevold. Pier Luca and Moshe Sipper joined us when they found us strategically placed close to the coffee machine.

We divided into groups Automated Game Design group

At coffee time I realised that we would be in the first groups for longer than I had first anticipated, so I jumped over to the group talking about game design for artificial intelligence - to talk about this was one of the reasons I went to the seminar in the first place.

AIGD group and our white boards

We identified game design patterns that mesh particularly well with different AI approaches, and commenced some implementations of examples. Notes: IMG_0188.jpg