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Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Dagstuhl 15051 Day 2 - photo diary and notes

Adam showing the pattern matching prototype
 On the second day we continued working in our groups. Adam showed the first prototype, a pattern matching thing - he and parts of the group had been coding it the evening before while the rest of us had strolled about in oblivion (likely the game room.)

player activity lens of the patterns

We continued working - consolidating the notes on the day1 discussion on affordances in terms of AI capacities and game design patterns. We looked at it from a player activity pow for a while, and we prepared presentation slides, and then we plotted the next prototype.

AIGD group day 2

After lunch, all groups presented the work done. I found the presentation about research metods particularly interesting, discussing how we can improve the methods so that we can make a wider range of research work possible.

Ian Horswill presenting group work on Interdisciplinary research methods
IMG_0222.jpg IMG_0226.jpg IMG_0225.jpg

Here is a watercolour note from the presentation-session.

Day 2 after lunch watercolor note
After the coffee break we divided into new groups. I joined a group concerned with believability of agents. At this point we were a bit tired, and the group was large - 10 persons - which led to the inevitable meta-discussion of how to narrow down the subject.