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Monday, March 09, 2015

GDC15 Day 1 - photo diary

Day 1 - in which I went emergency shopping, had lunch with Steve, went to the HEVGA reception, hang out with Josh and Dave, and prepared my talk.

Day 1 water colour note GDC'15
I would have wanted to frantically run between the AI summit, the Tablet Summit, the Education Summit  the Indie Summit this day, but instead I had to go emergency shopping for clothes. My luggage was lost in transit, probably crying itself to sleep in a dreary room at Heathrow. Well.
At least I got to have lunch with Steve after the shopping tour. We had lunch in the park, but before that we made sure to sign the Games-are-for everyone hearts that Anne Sullivan is going to make a quilt of.

Games are for everyone GDC 2015 Steve and I made sure to sign before having lunch GDC 2015 Steve Meretzky

After lunch I met with  with Michael Mateas in his capacity as summit advisor of the education summit,  to go through my talk it and get his feedback. Then I caught a talk where several indie developers presented some favourite tips and tricks of theirs. Then, a panel on higher education in games.

GDC 2015 GDC 2015
The education panel was followed by a reception hosted by HEVGA where Eric Zimmerman eloquently presented awards.

  GDC 2015 Constance introducing HEVGA GDC 2015 Katherine, TL, and Mia GDC 2015 Eric presenting awards GDC 2015 Mary thanking for award