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Monday, March 09, 2015

GDC15 Photo diary - Day 0

Going to the Game Developers Conference (GDC) begins with preparations. It is such a busy week, so if there is someone that it is important to meet up with, it is best to reserve breakfast/lunch/coffee/dinner/drinks- slots with them. Its also a good idea to prepare ones speech, if one is lucky to have gotten one accepted, as I had this year. (My talk was on [AI Based Game Design] in teaching.) This is a good thing, since it gives one access to all talks given at the conference.  (When attending GDC one can buy differently prised passes. The all-access pass is the most expensive one. It also gives access to listen to recorded speeches in the GDC Vault after the conference has passed.)

Having written my emails for a preliminary social schedule, I continued working on my slides on the plane. 
Talk preparations Painting of Course structure for 5 ECTS 'Computational Expression' for slides at GDC15
I made it to San Francisco in time to swing by the AI meet-up arranged by Dave Marks and Steve Rabin. Brian S asked what I was drinking, and I said Moscow Mule. Here is what he found for me - not only did it contain my favourite drink, it even says Moscow mule on it. Magic! 

Moscow Mule
It was a great evening, and a good way to start GDC, among friends. 
GDC 2015 Ian and Kevin GDC 2015 AI meetup on sunday GDC 2015 AI meet-up GDC 2015 GDC 2015 AI meetup