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Monday, March 09, 2015

GDC'15 Day 3 photo diary

Day 4 - In which I had breakfast with Susan, lunch with Jane,  a meeting with the VICE board, drinks with Lina, and went to dinner with Julian + EIS reunion.

Day 3 GDC 2015 watercolour notesI had breakfast with Susan Gold, but mysteriously didn't take any photos of it despite that the breakfast buffet at Marriott which we enjoyed was beautiful. 

I caught a talk on by Tobiah Marks about indie development, and got some good tidbits from it. For example, it can take time to make an indie endeavour profitable, so don't give up.

Marks slide - don't expect instant profit

When I passed the IGDA booth, Anne was there, checking in on her hearts. They were doing well.
GDC 2015 Games are for everyone Anne Sullivan and the hearts

Gillian was there too, and had already made extensions to the ribbons on her badge.

I had lunch with Jane Pinckard in the park, but again, strangely, did not photograph her, nor the food.

Lunch Lunch. Kim and also Dancs friend. Jane is to the left, outside the image.

In the afternoon I had planned to check out the LostLevels event, but suddenly all the founding members of VICE (Virtual Institute of Computational Expression)  that was on site converged, so we decided to have a meeting. Here we are, all except Mark Nelson and Mike Cook, who weren't at the conference:
GDC 2015 VICE group photo

Then I met up with Lina Eklund, who is doing a guest researcher stint at Berkley, and came into town. She had been at LostLevels, and said that the first hour had been excellent, when those who hade prepared their 5-minute spiels had presented.

GDC 2015 Lina Eklund

We all needed more margaritas, so after having popped into the GuildHall Mixer we went back to Chevy's. The silliness of the selfie stand  there was irresistible to Ben and Mike T:

GDC 2015 Ben Weber GDC 2015 Mike Treanor

We also had food.

GDC 2015