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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

GDC'15 Day 5 - Photo diary

Day 5 - in which I have breakfast with Magy, go to the Expo, and to a talk on making and self publishing a game in 12 months,  and to the Experimental Game Play Workshop, and have dinner with Richard, Michael, Ian, Mike T, and Bron.

GDC 2015 Magy GDC 2015 pancakes at the Intercontinental

I had breakfast with Magy Seif El-Nasr at the Intercontinental, and this time I had sense enough to photograph the pancakes. Going back to the West Hall to listen to more talks, I ran into Dan Cook, who was, while wearing his orange shoes, chatting a despairing friend. We giggled for quite a while, and Danc told me he had given Richard Dansky a yeti in exchange for a book. Going into the speaker lounge to grab a coffee I found this:
GDC 2015 Richard united with Yeti - a family complete

I then went to a talk titled "How to make and self publish a game in 12 months" and it delivered exactly that. It was most useful. Here are some notes I scribbled.

GDC 2015 note on 'How to make and self publish a game in 12 months'

I went to the expo, and three things caught my fancy:

  • the Virtuix Omni VR system,
  • Cinder Solutions offering custom made hardware, and
  • SandboxR 3D printing on demand.

GDC 2015 Omni GDC 2015 SanboxR 3D printing on demand Cinderi Solutions offering custom made harware

Then, it was time for the Experimental Game Play Workshop - the room was huge, and that was good, because I think at least half of all the attendees assembled for this one. It was an inspiring line-up of games - I particularly liked the Parable of the Polygons, as a systemic illustration of the mechanisms of segregation.

GDC 2015 Experimental game play workshop GDC 2015 - EGP - Parable of the Polygons

Robin had arranged for donuts for everyone, and I was munching on one with Julian when I spotted Squirrel. Since they have been writing and talking about topics on industry-and-research cooperation it seemed a good opportunity to introduce them to each other. Seeing them next to each other, being so alike, i realised i needed to collect them into a selfie.

GDC 2015 Julian and Squirrel GDC 2015 Julian and Squirrel and me

I had been a bit distracted about signing up for Neil Kirby's AI dinner, but it all turned out nicely anyway - Richard Evans came into town from Mountain-view, and had food with Michael, Ian, Mike T, Bron, and me. We wanted to go to that place that had tall rabbit sculptures in it, but it was closed for renovation. We ended the evening with a drink at the View at Marriott.

GDC 2015 Ian and Richard and Michael GDC 2015 Ian's belief and mind control thing he is working on GDC 2015 Bron and Mike