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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Copier: Theorizing Fantasy Game Culture, freeform notes from Seminar on Playing Roles, Tampere

These are my free form notes from the Seminar in Tampere on Playing Roles:

Marinka Copier: Theorizing Fantasy Game Culture, freeform notes from presentation

Form groups - fishing companies.
Make a name for yourself.
You are to maximise your assets.
Fixed amount of fish in the ocean.
1 round = one year.
Decide how many fish to harvest each year.
If your order exeeds amount of fish you get NO fish.
No fish no gen
1-25: double
25 - 50: up to 50.

...we didnt cooperate: the maximisation emtied
the ocean in 2 rounds.

5 fish 1st year Danish psychologist who took 26 Marinka showing the empty ocean

Marinka going on to:
Science of Networks, Barabási.

Fantasy game culture:
Knowledge, siuated and distibuted
Social network analysis
Boundary works

Network picture from Marinka's presentation

Inside - outside academa.

How become a connector (gladwell)
How tie together knowledge networks re role play?


Discussion time.
Liz welcoming the meta perspective as a starting point of seminar, and focussing on the nature of this group: campared to many other discipline it crosses over a lot, many of us doing hybrid work.
Montola: read hobbyist - non-professional - non-academic texts.
Marinka: why you call it hobbyist, its situated.
Craig: social construct of the subject. Marinka, sometimes these text become analysis material. Role players very aware of own experiences.
Martin E: yes, since it is constructed actively by participants. Knudepunkt book. Nordic larp - in one book they played academic. Pps ideas about being academic. Central work, non academic text pretending, playing to be academic.
Craig: whats the difference.
Annika: i dont think it is unique. Post modern research. Internet. So much is now availiable to the researchers, ten years ago you wouldn't see so many non-academic sources referenced. In that we are not unique.
Guy from learning lab in demark: design based research, theoretical framework to combine theorits and practicioners.