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Monday, April 03, 2006

Svahn: Brainwashing is Fun!, freeform notes from Seminar on Playing Roles, Tampere

These are my free form notes from the Seminar in Tampere on Playing Roles:

Svahn: Brainwashing is Fun!

Ist: debating contest, Flood and Pohjola up on stage.
Mattias giving them a standpoint each.
After debate: (which was really fun, now laughingmuscles are tender),
Mattias sais that he is not interestid in the audinces view on the points but on what happened inside the ones doing in the debate.
Janic & Kings experiments. People convincing themselves when publicly playing an advocate for something. The more imrovisation the more persuation.
Korean prisoners of war.
Slogan contests
Contingency exercises.

Mattias Svahn in motion

Mattias asking:
could this be used for game design?
Public commitments?
Small rewards?
Would this work within a magic circle?
Mattias saying he is thinking of maybe testing it in for example in a mmog or in a tabletop.

Craig: interesting question, re discussion yesterday re the cathartic functions, when an experience starts and when its over. Clear signs if being in a magic circle or not. Strong boundary perspective could... //i didnt get the rest
Lisbeth: is the stake here to also develop a set of rethorics of persuation?
MS: hmm interesting havent thought about classical rethorical methods.
Craig: Steffen Waltz, doing research on rethoric things. Also tells about a car-convincing-thingie in germany.
MartinE: Classic qusetion: does rp make you mad? Are we changed by it? Affected or affectors? Bit of a tabu. Other emerging intersting thing is to work with reversed kathartic thins,. Like playing a nazi or playing in hierarchical structures, strict: that could (or is supposed to) have the opposite effect, to see things that maybe is inside ones own person, playing the enemy, and then when it is over be able to see the mechanisms, to understand them.
Harviainen: series of playing neonazi, fundamentalistic protestantism etc and then discuss how it was trying to understand it.
Flood: i echo. People having troubles roleplaying characters in structured environments, players learning to become social. Partially conscious. Actual change in behavior, maybe not being so consious about that.
Petri: ppl often do drastic misdjudgement on how they think that they will behave in an actual situation. An arena for self-reflection.
Stenros: Does role playing a lot make people more flexible in real life, or more difficult to persuade?
MS: no idea lets keep discussing via email! Difficult to find long term studies, so i can only give my personal reflection: That the personality may become more rich/complex by these experinces. and cold acting...
Flood: it could be interesting to do a long term survey.